agroturystyka, zachodnipomorskie, stare resko

In our magic house, situated in the village of Stare Resko in the North-East of Poland, you can still hear birds, frogs and murmur of the ancient oaks. Around the lake storks teach their little ones how to fly, while the pink sunset promises the arrival of another beautiful day. We settled down here after long stay in the Netherlands and after our journeys around the world.

In our magic house we would like to welcome people who, just like us, are sensitive to the nature’s beauty and who seek an escape from their busy everyday life. We don’t offer specific tourist attractions. We dream to offer our visitors a feeling of getting out of a fast train. Even if it is only for a little while.

The rich landscape, formed in the Ice Age, makes this trip worth while. Our magic house is situated in the surrounding of Drawsko National Park in the so called Swiss of Polczyn-Zdroj. There is no doubt that the rough, mostly undiscovered landscape will leave you speechless. In the nearby forests you can make long walks or go cycling for a day. Once you feel that you batteries are charged and that you are starting to miss the seductions of the modern world, you can visit a seaside resort of Kolobrzeg, just one hour drive from our place. Even closer is the spa town of Polczyn Zdroj, where you can treat yourself to a mud bath.