agroturystyka, zachodnipomorskie, stare resko

Our guests can choose from two kinds of apartments, for two persons each. Both have toilet and bathroom.

Apartment ‘Sunrise’
This apartment is situated in the South-East part of our house and has its proper entry. In the upper part there is a comfortable double bed, cloths hanger, table and cosy lights. You can admire the sky through a roof window. Downstairs there is stylishly furnished living room and a huge balcony on the south side of the apartment. From here you can see our garden as well as eighteenth century wooden church. If you are lucky you might get a glimpse of the stork family.

Apartment ‘Sunset’
This apartment occupies the west part of our house. There is a beautiful view on the lake surrounded by ancient oaks. Upstairs you will find a comfortable double bed while the living room downstairs has table, chairs, TV and radio.

You are more than welcome to use our library in various languages.